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Aug. 27, 2022

The StclairSpeaksshow featuring Portia Booker

The StclairSpeaksshow featuring Portia Booker

The StclairSpeaksshow is an interview format podcast show where I highlight and showcase professionals in business from across the world, we discuss topics from within their industry expertise and dive into their backstory on how they got to where they are today.


About the guest  

Portia Booker also known as Portia The Producer has made it her mission to educate and encourage communities of color to change their views on mental health. Removing the stigma that oftentimes made it a taboo subject to address in marginalized communities. Driven to speak up after receiving a diagnosis of bipolar disorder in 2016, Portia found herself inside an internal battle to either make her mental health a priority or to keep her dream job. After several treatment plans and medication adjustments, she was left with no choice but to resign and focus on becoming mentally well. Little did Portia know, the resignation would lead to her breakthrough. Now, she is using her experience to help others with bipolar disorder build resilience so they can create a beautiful life. Portia is the Executive Producer and Host of “Groove with Portia”, a weekly radio show centered around personal and professional development. The show has a reach of over 70,000 listeners on WOVU (95.9 FM) in Cleveland, Ohio, and airs every Wednesday. She is the co-founder of the mental health podcast “Not Alone In The Land” with NAMI Greater Cleveland. Portia has been featured on a billboard as part of an outreach campaign for mental health by NAMI Greater Cleveland. She was the guest speaker for NAMI Walk 2021 at Edgewater in Cleveland, Ohio with over 300 attendees. She has also been featured in Nami Greater Cleveland’s Summer & Fall 2021 edition of The Voice, a quarterly e-newsletter with a reach of over 10,000 recipients. She has been amplifying her message of hope by appearing as a guest on podcasts such as Chai Together Podcast with Pratibha Dey, Shut Up and Grind with Robert B. Foster, and Enduring The Course Podcast with Ebony Jae Hull, LISW.


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