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June 7, 2022

The StClairSpeaks Show Episode 18 Featuring Lakinya Francis CEO & Founder of IKRAVEVENDING

The StClairSpeaks Show Episode 18 Featuring Lakinya Francis CEO & Founder of IKRAVEVENDING

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Published Author, Yahavy St Clair. 

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Learn more about the History of IKrave Vending

iKRAVE Vending’s founder Lakinya Francis, discovered an opportunity to start-up a small vending machine service company. Though the initial start-up cost was reasonably affordable and her efforts took no time away from her full-time work, Lakinya found that finding high-quality equipment that wouldn’t break the bank and then obtaining locations in which to place her machines proved to be a challenge. However, her tenacity finally paid off after months of searching for a used machine that met her expectations and she was able to soon start enjoying the profits after placing her vending machine in a local mechanic’s shop Recognizing the lack of consultants that specialize in vending machine operations, the IKRAVE Vending team created a series of online training courses geared toward helping others achieve success in vending services. Our goal is to eliminate the obstacles, frustrations, and costly mistakes that prevent many from enjoying a profitable business and guide them toward financial security.

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