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April 11, 2022

The StclairclairSpeaksShow Featuring Jenny Arrington

The StclairclairSpeaksShow Featuring Jenny Arrington

Helping industry professionals stand out by magnifying their stories through podcasting.

The StclairSpeaksshow is an interview format podcast show where I highlight and showcase professionals in business from across the world, we discuss topics from within their industry expertise and dive into their backstory on how they got to where they are today.

About The Guest 


Co-Founder of Rebel Human and Wellness Advisor at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, Jenny Arrington believes that obstacles aren't in our way, they are the way. After a decades-long struggle with clinical depression and an eating disorder, it was a combination of somatic therapy, asana, meditation, and Kundalini Yoga that finally gave her the ability to process past trauma, forgive, and heal. It was through these challenges and the healing that Jenny found her calling as a teacher. Trained under Harvard neuroscientist, Dr. Srini Pillay, Jenny integrates the ancient tools of yoga, meditation, and ritual with the modern science of neuro coaching to help her students unlock their inner wisdom, connect with their instincts, and overcome their limiting fears. Jenny works with all populations and ages, including private executive coaching. She has been featured in publications including US News & World Report, Chicago Tribune, Shape, and Chicago Magazine to name a few. She is the author of The Kundalini Yoga Posture Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Teaching and Practicing the Postures.



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