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Aug. 27, 2022

How Many Mondays Do You Have Left? featuring Jodi Wellman

How Many Mondays Do You Have Left? featuring Jodi Wellman

The StclairSpeaksshow is an interview format podcast show where I highlight and showcase professionals in business from across the world, we discuss topics from within their industry expertise and dive into their backstory on how they got to where they are today.


About the guest

Jodi Wellman speaker and facilitator, helps her clients live squander-free lives while they’re lucky enough to still be above ground, while cleverly beginning with the “big end” in mind. She named her business Four Thousand Mondays because it shines the light on the finite number of weeks we have to live as we mean it. Jodi holds a Master’s of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she is also an Assistant Instructor. As a certified coach with 25 years of corporate leadership experience, she helps executives, teams, and high performers work well and live even better.


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