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Aug. 27, 2022

Achieving financial freedom with serial entrepreneur multi millionaire Edwin Carrion

Achieving financial freedom with serial entrepreneur multi millionaire Edwin Carrion

The StclairSpeaksshow is an interview format podcast show where I highlight and showcase professionals in business from across the world, we discuss topics from within their industry expertise and dive into their backstory on how they got to where they are today.


About the guest and contact info

Edwin Carrion is a respected entrepreneur, businessman, and dealmaker. Edwin

founded Upscale Development Group, LLC after more than 20 years of successful experience

in various industries. During his career, he served as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial

Officer, President, and Vice President of several significant privately owned companies.

Edwin’s expertise in all aspects of managing operations of start-ups, from development,

design, organization, legal, financial, marketing, capital financing, and strategic negotiations with

client and vendor partners have made him the key player in growing four of his most notable

companies from start-up to annual revenues of more than 15,000,000.00

Edwin founded E&D Development in 2002 after his military career with the United States

Marines; Edwin built, developed, and sold over $30,000,000 in real estate.

After the real estate meltdown, Edwin founded Countrywide Gold Buyers in Rhode Island

and a few months later made it a national company and created a Franchise concept, growing

Countrywide Gold Buyers to a company with revenues in excess of $15,000,000.

After selling CGB in 2014, Edwin Co-founded Eco-Modern Custom Homes a high end

real estate development company that grew its portfolio of projects to over $10,000,000 in just

one year and sold the company.

In 2017, Edwin then purchased MDC Transport in 2017 and has grown the company

from $2,000,000 in revenue to over $12,000,000 in just 2 years.




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